My ankle is swollen. I can tell from the pictures we took at the Wrightwood this morning that it's been swollen for a while. I learned last fall that cold weather disrupts the hardware in my ankle. I've learned to rotate it and move on. Stop when it says stop. 

Today provided a lot to process. That's been the running theme of the month and I am wondering if it's a test. What the universe is trying to help me understand. How it might serve me later. 

A while ago, as in a few weeks, I read that learning happens when we process and review activity. I'm not sure we are processing everything as well as we should. I haven't gotten it down myself so it's hard to teach the ritual or even support.


We went to Wrightwood 659 for Ando and Le Corbusier: Masters of Architecture The building was designed by Ando himself and during a recent tour, he drew on the walls in stunning blue marker.

While we were in the gallery, I overheard a woman telling her friend that architecture school might kill some creativity. Ando is a self-taught architect. I immediately started thinking about my son’s education. Wondering if we are considered a formal education. We, me and him walking around a space together. Reminded myself that this is not college. What all these things mean the future and how wrong the narratives we were given in the past are. But why.


There was an order and simplicity in Ando’s work that is calming but not comforting. Calming for the purpose of knowledge production or general improvement from the prior condition.  Sometimes that's the vibe.