i woke up to myself, scrubbed off the gloss

and revealed the shine.

turned my face to the sun

and planted my heart in fertile ground.

nourished by salt water and time. i have made

these lands my home. I am home.

the first place he ever lived.  fertile ground

the source of life sustaining meals.


bare witness.

it's on you

                                            Your parents will get over it.

They will get over it.

                They will get over it.

if you pierce your nose and maybe your nipples, for good measure
if you decide you love the art and starve
if you have the baby and promise to finish school
if you kiss girls and let your nail polish chip
if date that person anyway and live to regret it
same for if you marry them
if you tape things to the wall and eat straight out of the delivery container

           when you stand up straight and know who you are

they will get over it

get over it