That Never Ends

Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold. A circle of friends that never ends.....

I have very strong feelings about friendship. Growing up the only black girl besides my sister in Indiana meant I didn't have many. I remember telling my mother, I wanted one. Just one, one friend who would be like a sister. I thought this was a reasonable request. As a mother, I haven't forgot my childhood request or helplessness around maintaining friendships outside the proximity of school.

This weekend I drove to see my son. I was determined bordering on possessed. Duty had taken hold of me. It has been almost two years since we moved to Chicago. In that time my son has relentlessly made the same request: to see his close friend again. I honestly was not sure if his friends mom would be interested in maintaining their friendship and building ours, I wasn't sure how he would handle it if I tried and failed. I thought in time he would forget. He didn't. If anything with each passing month his resolve grew. No new friends could replace the old. 

He doesn't have a cell phone or a car. He can't follow thru on plans. It is my job to help him maintain his friendships. And so I drove to help them reunite. They played happily for four hours, time and distance are no match for true friendships. As for his friends mom and I, we talked the entire time. We took pictures of our smiling boys and set the intention of meeting again. I felt such an intense amount of relief and joy.

I drove a total for 10 hours in a 26 hours period so I could ensure that interaction. As a drove my son back to his dads, where he spends a portion of his summer, we sat in silence. He could barely keep his eyes open after a full day of play. He told me stories about their adventures between trips to slumberland.

He has a circle of good friends and I am excited to watch it grow.